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Our mill consist of two debarkers, two circular saw head rigs, two band resaws, and one edger. Our mill is a very versatile facility that can saw two species at once and produce custom sawn orders effectively without compromising quality or production.

We are the largest producer of 8-foot white pine products in the northeastern United States. Our mill produces Eastern white pine boards and timbers for our retail store for customers large and small all over New England.

All slabs are ground into wood chips to be used for making paper and recycling. Sawdust is sold to farms for bedding, to composting facilities, and to power plants to be burned as biomass for creating power. Bark ground from logs is processed into bark mulch and sold to homeowners and landscapers. No part of the log is wasted.

The planing facility provides a smooth finished look to our products whether it is log siding, v-match, or four-sided timbers.